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Employee Benefits

Do you want to attract and retain great employees? One of the best ways to maintain employee loyalty is by offering a good benefits package. Employee benefits, also called fringe benefits or perks, are various non-wage compensations given to employees in addition to normal salaries.

Many small-business owners mistakenly think they cannot afford to offer benefits but may be sacrificing long-term goals for short-term prosperity. In a recent study of employee benefits by Prudential Insurance Company one of the main outcomes was that today’s employers are using benefits packages to “attract and retain talent and increase overall employee satisfaction.”

There are certain benefits that good employees feel they must have. At the top of the list is medical insurance, but many job applicants also desire a retirement plan, life, or disability insurance. It is often worthwhile to provide certain benefits because research has shown that employees who are satisfied miss fewer workdays, are less likely to quit, and have a higher commitment to meeting company goals.

You might be surprised to learn that there are many unique and affordable benefit plans that can be tailored to suit any business and budget. At Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions, we specialize in helping your business receive maximum return on every dollar you spend. Call us today to find out how you can jumpstart your business’s growth by offering your greatest assets, your employees, the insurance benefits they deserve.

The following is a comprehensive list of the employee benefits we can help you attain:

Medical Benefits:

  • HMO/PPO/POS and Traditional Indemnity Plans
  • Consumer-driven Health Plans (CDHPs)
  • Self-funded Employer Plans
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Re-insurance/Stop-loss Programs
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)
  • Limited Medical Plans
  • Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs)
  • Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D

Dental Plans:

  • PPO
  • HMO/prepaid
  • INO

Life Insurance:

  • Group life
  • Travel Accident
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Individual

Disability And Long Term Care Insurance:

  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Care

Vision Plans:

  • Fully-insured
  • Self-funded
  • Discount

Retirement Plans:

  • 401 k and pension plans

Travel Insurance:

  • International Group Policies
  • Short/long term
  • Single/multi-trip policies

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