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International Insurance

Whenever you travel abroad, it is always a good idea to book insurance. In case of unexpected emergency, insurance in your home country may only provide limited coverage or none at all. International insurance can be as simple as a travel policy for short term trips or as comprehensive as medical insurance for those who plan to live abroad for any length of time. Some countries even include international insurance as part of their visa requirements.

We provide 2 levels of international insurance coverage:

  • Travel Medical Insurance (short-term) is often the most cost-effective option for longer trips (usually up to one year). Travel medical provides more comprehensive coverage than standard travel insurance and can also include trip protection.
  • International Medical Insurance (long-term) is pretty much a necessity for those who intend to study, live, or work abroad for an extended period of time, or for people who maintain multiple countries of residence. International policies provide a wide range of coverage for medical, dental, disability, and life insurance needs.

We have International travel insurance solutions for everyone-groups, individuals, short-term travel, longer trips, and those who plan to travel multiple times within the same year.

At Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions we specialize in helping you choose the proper coverage and the right policy- for the best price! You may be surprised to learn that insurance coverage for your international needs is more affordable than you thought. Call Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions today and a friendly agent will guide you through the complicated selection process in the most simplified way.

Travel Medical Insurance – Additional Reading:

Travel insurance can help you pay for expected as well as unexpected expenses that may present themselves while you travel. The most common covered expenses are those related to an accident or other medical attention but various plans and options are available so you can travel with total peace of mind. Whether you plan to travel internationally or tour the country one time or many, Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions will help you secure a plan that is both comprehensive and affordable, even if you need long-term coverage.

 Travel Coverage usually includes coverage for/of:

  • Medical Emergencies (accident or sickness)
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Return of a minor
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Accidental death, injury, or disablement benefits
  • Overseas funeral expenses

Additional coverage for the following circumstances may also be available:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions or acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Risky sports activities
  • Travel to high-risk countries
  • Insolvency of a 3rd party or service supplier
  • It is always a good idea to book insurance before you travel. Because accidents can happen, Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions will help you find a plan that will make you feel secure, afford you peace of mind, and allow you to enjoy your trip without the worry of unexpected disaster or unnecessary cost.

International/Travel Insurance Options:

Patriot Travel

Medical Insurance®

Patriot America® Plus

Global Medical

Patriot Platinum Travel

Medical Insurance℠

GEOSM Group℠

Patriot Multi-Trip℠

GlobeHopper® Senior

Patriot Exchange

Student Health


Student Health

Advantage℠ Platinum


Travel Insurance

Global Crew

Medical Insurance®

International Marine

Medical Insurance℠

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