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Executive Benefits

Building an executive benefit plan may be the solution for companies that have a mix of regular workers and highly compensated employees. Inflexible “qualified” plans that may be just right for the average salaried worker are often inadequate for the needs of highly-paid executives, who wish to contribute more than they are allowed to 401(k) type plans or save more of their pre-tax income.

Fortunately, “non-qualified” benefit plans allow executives to put away large amounts of money for retirement that are concurrent with their current lifestyles. Additionally, business owner can choose the specific executives they wish to include in the plan and are not bound by the “all employee coverage” acts that restrict qualified plans. “Non-qualified” executive plans provide tax advantages to the business and its employees as well as business owners the option of offering a customized plan for each executive.

As a business owner, your key employees are your greatest assets. By taking into account benchmarking data and consumer trends, Peak Benefits & Insurance Solutions will help you design and implement an Executive Benefits program that fits your corporate philosophies, goals, and financial plan

Executive benefits often include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Business Overhead
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Executive Disability Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance


Customizable Executive Benefits Package:

  • Guaranteed medical underwriting
  • Customizable deductible, co-pays, co-ins, etc – works in conjunction with your primary insurance plan as a benefit enhancement
  • Options include medical, dental, vision, Rx, and wellness (massage therapy, acupuncture, executive physicals, etc.)
  • “Key employee” benefit to enhance coverage levels and benefits


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